I keep my journal in an A5 waterproof paper traveler's notebook/fauxdori style cover. Inside are two notebooks, my journal, a self-made felt pocket-thing, and a traveler's notebook size plastic zip folder which can hold some pens/etc if I wanna take extra s t u f f.

Old Journals

Baby's not exactly first journal.

Baby's not exactly first journal.
I really loved sellotaping horse pictures on shit.
Puberty made me worship Satan.
These were the twee Tumblr years
This had like 20 pages and it took me 30 years to complete.
Traditional Traveler's Notebook format is so pretty but god never again I write too chaotically.
Found hoarded stickers from my youth and plastered them over my adult problems. 10/10 therapy.
Leuchtturm hype got me but the only colour on sale was grey. I love grey but I love obnoxious bright colours more. Was okay though, nine million pages and the paper is okay but idk if I'll make a habit of using them. They look nice on a bookshelf though.

Digital + Online Journals

During 2000s - 2010s most of my journalling was online and public. Sadly they're all long gone but I have fond memories of Diaryland, uJournal, GreatestJournal, and like 300 other Livejournal clones (I had an LJ too but I just lurked fanficrants). I don't journal online anymore and doubt I would go back to it again, though I miss the old blogging sites and the fanatical obsession with using the perfect 100x100 icons.


Fountain pens are forever my baby. I use a blossom red TWSBI Eco with extra fine nib. At the moment it's filled with Diamine Eclipse, a dark grey-toned purple ink. Or blue-black. To me it looks more purple.

I have used classic Lamy Safaris but the triangular grip is uncomfortable :( My dream pen right now is the Sailor Shikiori Dragon Palace.

Eternally Under Construction Notes

+ pen and inks
+ more journal pics
+ idk flesh out digital journalling somehow