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Heyy welcome. This is my website and here I post stuff and play around with code. awkward thumbs up.

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June 2022 - new month new me

*NEW* Unexpected detour into a merch collection, profile revamped a few days back but I uploaded and forgot it immediately. Maybe I should write dates on these updates here but, eh, a month is good enough.

jk Animal Crossing shrine started! WOOP.
I did nothing this month, raise the applause sign.

May 2022 - oh hi mark

Resources page up

FFXIV page under way. graphic design is not my passion.

modified my about from another project site, one I haven't had time to work on because it takes actual research effort :( i cba to copy paste that many blinkies again AND figure a new look for it? ew. reduce reuse recycle, gotta make those tmnt boys proud.
March 2022 - heyeyeyeyaa

Today I remembered the simple joy of the one page website makers that were available when I was a kid and now I want to one page this entire thing. Somehow.

personal website personal web.... shite

12/43/65 - TITLE

Hello I am placeholder text.



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