FFXIV Merch and Trinkets

Somehow this house has accumulated a billion random ffxiv things. Some intentionally purchased, some freebies from events, some things manifest out of nowhere like it's haunted by the spirit of a highly specialised merch vendor (friends? gifts? ridiculous. haunted).

Take a look at the spirit's wares, traveller.

Event Prizes

I think these were from events. The only one I remember was Yojimbo because I didn't win it at the event, and yet, here it is. I don't deserve this giant Yojimbo sticker.

Fanfest Stuff

I've attended 2 (3?? 2020 fanfest was playing on the TV all day I guess lol), and this is the STUFF they handed us at the door. Sorry I didn't take the wrap off some stuff, maybe one day I will take the time to take better pictures.

background credit + credit to SE background 2 credit