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Current Villagers

beautiful, intellectual, enlightened, poised, capable

Ursala Pietro Coco Dom Freya
Lobo Audie Apple Zell Ed

look upon them, they are the pinnacle of existence

Dearly Departed

wretched traitors, disappeared into the night, leaving behind only rivers of blood and the ashes of fallen homes, better without them

Hamlet Benjamin Fauna
Tia Vivian Peck Bones

(muffled crying)

Love Story
Is romance real? Does love exist? Let me tell you a story...

Not even a month into Island's history, something was blooming between these cottagecore lesbians. They were close enough to cook with one another, and not just that, but looking for any excuse to do so! How sweet!

Fauna wanted to watch the stars, read books, drink tea, and spend time with her beloved Coco. Coco had concerns. Were they moving too fast for gentle Coco?

But wait, what is this... why ever would she offer me this...?

Oh... oh no. OH NO. Fauna could not be deterred from leaving the island. Her feelings for Coco burned too hot, and Coco's hesitancy to be with her under the moon with tea, cookies and books had torn the beating heart from her chest. She consumed her life with her passion for this haunted coconut, and Coco was too precious for a wild and lustful beast such as her.

Will Fauna ever slow down? Will Coco ever tell her that all along, all she ever wanted was to maybe spend a whole day in her company, doing all these things one at a time, rather than all at once like maniacs on a weekend trip to Europe? Will Fauna return? Will Coco take up her flannel shirt again? Will they find love with one another in time? Find out in my 69million word fanfiction: My Deer, I was always Coconuts for you.

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