Hi there,
this site is under construction!

this is my place to chat nonsense about my hobbies and live my 2000s internet truth.

not really sure what to write here yet so please enjoy some updates:

19/NOV/21 -- ???
I started to build a booklog thing and uploaded it. I've been working pretty hard on website stuff the last month but I feel shy when it comes to just uploading and letting it go free onto the internet. Absolute reverse of the last time I had a personal site, where I would update like 6 times a day with 0 content haha. I should channel that kid energy again. Hiiiii~ GUESS WHOOO ^_^ I know I just updated the site a month ago but I'm bored LOL!!! It's a booklog O_O (visitor: YOU CAN READ???!! me: hehe ^u^;;) --- I'm gonna implode this is too natural to write I gotta stop before I go too deep and can never come back. OKAY, UPDATE OVER, PEACE o/